About Us

Introducing the Affordable Web Design Company

How We Started

Commonly referred to as the AWD Company, the Affordable Web Design Company was founded in 2009 by 2 small business professionals after assisting a successful start-up company in 2008. The AWD Company originally functioned strictly as an affordable web design company and then started offering SEO or search engine optimization services shortly after. They then realized the potential of social media and how it was successfully impacting companies across all industries so they decided to add social media management for personal and small businesses to their list of services. By adding this aspect to their internet marketing strategies as well as maintaining their website design practices, the AWD Company has been able to exploit their passion for making businesses and their products and/or services successful by increasing their overall presence by utilizing social media within an affordable budget.

Where We Work

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves on being a company with a personality and enjoy sitting down with our clients face-to-face to discuss how a relationship with the AWD Company will benefit their business. You will also notice that even though we are based in Philadelphia, we continue to work with small businesses across the United States.

What We Have to Offer

With experience in the fashion, home improvement, telecommunication, manufacturing, real estate and automotive industries, we are always willing to explore and learn new industries and their standards to expand our horizon in order to go beyond our clients expectations. Whether you need someone to manage your social media accounts, blogs, personal or small business website or all of the above, the AWD Company can do just that with affordable web design, SEO and social media packages for all levels of engagement.