Social Media Marketing: Going Viral with Pinterest

Social Media Marketing: Going Viral with Pinterest

Although Pinterest is one of the newer platforms to the world of social media, it has became one of the major players within social media amongst the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When it first launched a few years ago it gained over 10 million users almost over night. There is an endless crowd of people who like both pictures and social media so this is where Pinterest got the win.

There are many different advantages of Pinterest and we could probably talk for days about it but when it comes to Pinterest and internet marketing there is one word that explains Pinterest’s greatest advantage for those of us who are marketing a company online and that is “viral”. There are certain pictures that have proved themselves to be more popular than others, cute animals or wedding ideas for example. Since a large majority of the users on Pinterest are women, these pictures will usually get repinned for years to come. The more a picture gets repinned the more people it will reach, hence the more repins it will get, creating a massive viral effect.

After you upload a picture onto your website and then pin it from your website to your personal Pinterest board you already have a backlink automatically created by Pinterest and then you can create one more by putting the link in the description for a total of 2 backlinks per picture. Try doing this with a few different creative pictures and watch the repins start taking place. Not only are you growing backlinks to your website but you are creating opportunity for people to migrate to your site and essentially creating more traffic. Post these pictures during the right time of day and you could have a serious traffic spike within hours which is the beauty of going viral with Pinterest.

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